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  • Letra Traducida Adam Sandler & Family What Do You Love?

    Vistos 2468 Letras Traducidas Adam Sandler & Family I don't love wonton soup that comes from a can I don't love scary stories about the boogie man I don't love the smell of Aunt Lizzie's mini van But I love you I don't love falling off a see-saw I don't love drinking chocolate milk without the straw I don't love when Grandma walks around in just her bra But I love you I don't love that you guys are better than me at math I don't love when a horse makes a poopy on the path I don't love when my Sister pees in the bath (Sorry) But I love you I love it when you put together my toys I love it when we listen to the Backstreet Boys I love it when you let me eat breakfast for dinner (Daddy's pleasure) When I kiss your head (I love it) When I jump on your bed (I love it) When I let you skip Hebrew school and go to the movies instead (I love it) When your time-out ends (I love it) When your boo boo mends (I love it) When I rip a juicy fart in front of all of your Mummy's friends (I don't love it) (We do) When you and Mummy do dancing shows (I love it) And she lets you wear all her clothes (I love it) When I fall asleep on the couch and you guys paint all my toes (I love it) I love it (I love it) I love it (I love it) I love it, (I love it) I love it (I love it) I love it (I love it) I love it (I love it) I love you (I love you) I love you... Ver letra completa