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  • Ben and Alfie - 27 Years (letra traducida al Español)

    Vistos 44 Letras Traducidas Ben and Alfie The colour today is grey I see only black and white Every day's the same Great tall trees that have no leaves Silhouettes against a pale sky That sheds no light The colour today is grey I can see a bleak horizon Will it ever change? Such an unforgiving landscape Where silence paints an image Of on ever-ringing bell Again and again I don't even know what happened Can I still be blamed? Please God let a storm come down At least something would tell me Time was passing The colour today is grey Darkness keeps my innocence And I can only age If the locks were drawn Release would only leave me as a child Uncared for Is my life a game? Can I not compose my part? No choice is mine to make Colour me in shadows For I no longer see the rainbow And angels cannot reach me... Ver letra completa