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    Vistos 88 Letras Traducidas CHRIS LEDOUX 'lyrics hereWell I was sitting in a coffee shopjust having a cup to pass the timeswappin' rodeo stories with this old cowboy friend of mineWhen some motorcycle riders starting snickering in the backStarted poking fun at my friends hat.One ole boy said 'Hey Tex where you'd park your... Ver letra completa
  • Chris Ledoux - Blue Eyes And Freckles (letra traducida al Español)

    Vistos 180 Letras Traducidas Chris Ledoux Blue eyes and freckles 'neath a white cowboy hat His two bestest friends are his dog and his cat He's one of the good guys, it's plain to see A shore enough cowboy though he's only three There's a cute little filly she lives right next door She'd like to brand him but he's no green horn She'll offer him candy but he knows her game He'll take what she gives him then be on his way. Chorus: Blue eyes and freckles and holes in his jeans. Out in the back yard ridin' his dreams. He's our little cowboy until the day, The fences can't hold him and he'll ride away. Vs. 3 Saturday morning he's up before dawn, Grabs his cap pistol and pulls his hat on. Today the Lone Ranger and him make their ride. And those outlaws better find some place to hide. Vs 4 With tears in his eyes and a scratch on his chin, His onery old cayuse done throwed him again. But a kiss and a cookie will soon ease the pain. He'll mount up and be back ridin' the range. Chorus Well mama just look how our little boy's grown He'll soon be a man with a mind of his own And I know the hardest thing we'll ever do Is take down the fences and just turn him loose. Special Chorus: Blue eyes and freckles and faded blue jeans. He's grown up and ready to follow his dreams. He was our little cowboy just yesterday, Now the fences can't hold him and he'll ride away.... Ver letra completa
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