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  • Dean Billy - Its Only The Wind (letra traducida al Español)

    Vistos 147 Letras Traducidas Dean Billy Billy Dean It's only the wind I remember as a child on a dark and stormy night I heard the screen door slam and I was overcome with fright So afraid that something bad was trying to get in Then mama came to comfort me and said, Chorus It's only the wind, and nothing more. Not the end of the world knocking at the door So close your eyes and dream again, believe me, It's only the wind Every time I've had to face a bitter storm of life, Those words of comfort were my shelter in the night But tonight I don't believe I'm able to pretend That The storm that you and I are up against is only the wind. I can hear you downstairs and you're just about to leave There's nothing else that I can do to keep you here with me, no And now the screen door's slammin and I'm frightened once again What I wouldn't give if I could be convinced It's only the wind, and nothing more Not the end of the world walking out the door I wish that I could dream again, believing it's only the wind Oh and nothing more, not the end of my world walking out the door I wish that I could dream again, believing it's only the wind... (Fade) Only the wind... Ver letra completa
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