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  • Hudson Brothers - Help Wanted (letra traducida al Español)

    Vistos 153 Letras Traducidas Hudson Brothers Blue lonely nights are all I seem to remember about her Nobody told me about her I deserve the right to put it all behind me and live me life I'm gonna live it without her It's easier said than done I need someone sooner or later I spend every night at home So I put an add in the paper CHORUS Help Wanted It's personal, won't you please help me I got to shake this aching feeling Or I could spend the rest of my life healing Help Wanted It's personal, won't you please help me I can't do it all alone So won't you call the listed phone below And talk to me (talk to me) I know some cold hearted people If they knew, I'm sure they'd laugh at me But I don't care much about it For somebody new, who's not afraid to take a chance with me Or we could take it or leave it I don't care who you are, you'll need someone sooner or later Then I've been cold before, but I think I'll change for the better CHORUS When I think of all the lonely people looking for someone When I think of all the days and nights I thought I was the only one REPEAT CHORUS AND FADE... Ver letra completa
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