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  • Letra Traducida Justin Nozuka Down In A Cold Dirty Well

    Vistos 201 Letras Traducidas Justin Nozuka <i>[Intro]</i> Painted a picture of how it's supposed to turn out Down in a cold dirty well and I cannot climb out Can't see no light Can't hear no bells They walk right over me Can't hear my yells <i>[Verse 1]</i> They state me missing and search all over the town Look left and then right but don't ever look down Dig me my grave, I won't be saved No I won't be saved, so dig me my grave <i>[Chorus]</i> Helpless, Hopeless, Cold and lonely Only you can save me now Trembling and shivering, scared I want this all to end if only you could hear me now <i>[Verse 2]</i> My mind is spinning around and around I'm on my way down The louder I yell The deeper I sink Closer to hell Far from my instincts <i>[Chorus]</i> <i>[Bridge]</i> I'm on my way down, And I will never feel that beat again I will never see the light and I will never hear those bells ringing <i>[Chorus]</i> <i>[Outro]</i> Dig me my grave, cause I won't be saved I won't be saved so dig me my grave Down in a cold dirty well and I cannot climb out... Ver letra completa