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  • Raitt Bonnie - Finest Lovin Man (letra traducida al Español)

    Vistos 238 Letras Traducidas Raitt Bonnie The man I'm lovin' Don't worry 'bout me runnin' around You won't ever find my baby Hustlin' after me all over town He don't have to shout He don't even have to call Knows I'm comin' home Even if I got to crawl He'll get me when he wants me He's the finest lovin' man around When he gets up in the morning Or when he comes home late at night You know the man's always hungry Knows I'm gonna cook it up just right He don't ever hurry He just takes his time Just a little taste is all it takes to make him mine He'll get it when he wants it He's the finest lovin' man around Some women they act just Like their men will never come to no good You know they are always on the cheat And never treat him like a good woman should You want him to do you right Honey, that ain't the way You got to love him all night You do just what he say And you get just what you give out That's the only way to gain his faith [Solo] Now me and my baby We always know just what we're puttin' down And we know we'll be together Til the day when something better comes around Til that day comes You won't hear me complaining I'll take him as like he is Cause you know I can't change him I'll love him best I can He's the finest lovin' man around... Ver letra completa
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