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  • Letra Traducida Spout Faces Of A Foolish Man

    Vistos 151 Letras Traducidas Spout (Hamilton, Irvin, Woolbright, Hogan) You can't see what I see Cause you're so damn angry You don't know where you are going Soon you'll be sorry You use us and abuse us Criticize our conscious Run away, you're a scared child Always throwing a fuss Faces of a foolish man Faces of a foolish man It's really hard to understand The many faces.... of a foolish man man? Waking up in the dark With voices that don't exist You hurt not to give in ( But you just can't resist ) And now you're starting to see You'll find the blame in one place When you point your finger Point it right at your face Follow and follow, you're a step behind So close to losing your mind Running and running - at a backward pace But you can't hide from your foolish face Faces of a foolish man Faces of a foolish man It's so hard just to understand The many faces - of a foolish man... Ver letra completa