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  • Wosm - One World, One Promise (letra traducida al Español)

    Vistos 103 Letras Traducidas Wosm We're in this together All peoples unite {Ooh}Its sharing a world Let this future unfold be a Guiding light That time is how to make Things better {Ooh}Walk hand in hand {Whooh}Its sharing this World stop this damage and Call you shall make... a stand {Well make a stand} Chorus: We ask for one world, one promise Living As one One World, One Promise WhoooHooh The Jamboree As a celebration We sing joyfully As one we are stronger As one we belong a family So lets join and start believing Who Dreams can come true For the next come Hundred Years Put an end to the death {Its up to me} It's up to you {Repeat Chorus} After today we can stand Tall and say we care for Them all Tommorrow may come we Are working as one Bring joy to the world One World, One Promise Living As One One world, One promise WhoooHooh {Repeat Chorus} The Jamboree... Ver letra completa

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