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The Weeknd - Valerie - Letra en linea

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There comes a time in a man's life
When he must take responsibility
For the choices he has made
There are certain things that he must do
Things that he must say
Like "I love you"
And "I need you"
"I only want you"
And nobody's going to know
If it's true (ooh)

I never thought I'd feel this kind of hesitation (tonight)
My hand on another girl (ooh)
I wish I didn't have to lie
I wish I could let you know
Cause I love you
And I need you
I only want you
And nobody's going to know if it's true

I know you can see through me
(I know you can see through my lies, oh oh)
Valerie (oh Valerie)
You just choose to never know
(No you just don't know, what I do, what I do)
Valerie (Valerie)
Why pretend to trust in me?
(I don't know why you try to trust in me baby, but I think I might know)
You'd rather this than be alone
(Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)

Cause I love you
And I need you
I only want you (oh)
And nobody's going to know if it's true

Cause I love you (ooh)
And I need you (yea)
I only want you (ooh)
And nobody's going to know if it's true

And I love you (cause I love you baby)
And I need you (and I need you)
I only want you
And nobody gonna know (ooh)

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